June 20, 2016

Keep Cool With Discount Movies This Summer

Hot summer days are sometimes best spent indoors enjoying a movie blockbuster. There is simply something about a dark, cool movie theater that is appealing. Want to make going to the movies even more appealing? How about a discount movie tickets? 

Starting the week of June 13 through August 12, can enjoy $1 kids summer movies at local Quality Theaters with Kids Summer Movies!

Area Quality Theater Locations:
Quality 16 Theater (3686 Jackson Rd., Ann Arbor)
Canton Cinema (43555 Ford Rd., Canton)

For 9 weeks throughout the summer, you can see 9 movies for just $1. The best part is, you can see these movies any day, Monday through Friday, at 10:00 a.m.  Families can expect a new movie each week and can even get discount kids combo treats - Kids a Classic Kids Combo that includes with popcorn, soda, and candy ($3.50) or a Healthy Kids Combo that includes popcorn, bottled water, and granola bar ($4.50). What a deal.

$1 Kids Summer Movies at Quality Theaters:

June 13-17:  RIO 2
June 27 - July 1:  HORTON HEARS A WHO
July 25-29: THE SANDLOT
August 8-12: DESPICABLE ME 2

I love attending discount movies with the kids. Even if they are often movies that are not currently in theaters, it's a great way to catch up on popular movies at a fraction of the cost. We've even seen some movies a second or third time!

So make sure you get to catch a few of these movies this summer. It's a nice break from the heat and a treat for the kids!

June 12, 2016

Celebrate Michigan’s Log Cabin Day at Parker Mill

On Sunday, June 26, families can celebrate Michigan’s Log Cabin Day by touring a pioneer grist mill and Parker Mill log cabin during Log Cabin Day in Michigan. Visit a 1880’s log cabin to imagine what it's like to live in this log home in pioneer days. There might even be some pioneer “chores” for your kids to do - Gather water, wash clothes, or try your hand on an antique weaving loom. Make it a day or stop by for an hour, the program runs from 1:00-4:00 p.m. and children are encouraged to dress in their best pioneer clothing!

June 7, 2016

Take a Hike at Hewens Creek

My family loves being outdoors spending time with nature. We have spent countless hours at one of our local parks too, it's close to home, offers fishing, and has plenty of wildlife, bird species and fabulous hiking trails. I consider it my rural backyard! Where is this park you ask? The main entrance is located in a tiny parking lot less than a quarter mile west of Hitchingham on Bemis Road. The name of the park is Hewens Creek (6515 E Bemis Rd Ypsilanti, MI 48197).

 As a parent, I have taken my Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts there. I have picked up trash with the family, and helped remove invasive species (garlic mustard) with my family and my scouts. I have had my children see turtles laying eggs, we have observed a hummingbird in her nest, and been able to identify many species of birds. We have picnicked there and spent days hiking, fishing and wading in the small creek catching critters. We have ventured into the park since moving in more than 12 years ago.

For me it's perfect. Its convenient and quiet. Mostly though I have enjoyed watching the trails become expanded and improved. It is now my go-to sanctuary and quiet zone.

It is an Ypsilanti Township Park in addition to offering mountain bike trails which allow me to hike several miles in a single day. When you arrive, be sure to garb a trail map, or even download one if you have the QR Code. There is another map of some of the trails available at Map My Ride.

Free Educational Programs for Students Entering Grades 6-8

Summer learning loss is a concern for parents and educators alike but that is where INNO comes in. Would you like the opportunity for your student (entering grades 6-8) to participate in a free summer educational program? Summer courses will be available starting July 2 through Labor Day at the Ann Arbor Downtown District Library on weekends. Classes are one hour in length and focus on language arts and mixed mathematics.

To register for this great opportunity, visit the INNO website.  Courses are taught by qualified high school students who have a passion for Math and English. The students will encourage your child to love learning and develop good study habits, rather than just memorizing facts.

Expel summer learning loss and register for this free program TODAY! For more information, email educationinno@gmail.com.

June 3, 2016

Family Campouts in Washtenaw County

I mentioned the Washtenaw County Parks & Recreation Family Campouts in a recent article on inexpensive family camping options, however I wanted to make sure all of my readers saw these amazing opportunities. We have participated several times and have LOVED the experience despite being a family of scouts who camps often. The closeness and convenience of the weekend has been lot of fun for us. Be sure to register early for the programs though, as they do fill up rather quickly. The events often offer crafts, fishing, nature programs, a night hike, and more for just $7/person. Pre-registration is required though by contacting contact Brian at polewayb@ewashtenaw.org or
(734) 484-9676 x.205.

August 6-7 and 13-14: Family Camp Out at Rolling Hills Park
September 10 - 11: Family Campout at Independence Lake Park

I also suggest that if you are a Girl Scout leader with Daisy's or full of inexperienced families, this makes a GREAT camping option and the programming is mostly already done for you.