May 29, 2009

Flea Markets Aren't Just for Fleas!

Growing up I have fond memories of going to flea markets with mom and dad ~ Spending their hard earned cash on odds n ends, treasures really! Even as an adult I have been known to visit them, I mean com'mon WHO hasn't seen that JUNK featured on the Antiques Roadshow that turns out to be worth a fortune! One man's junk is another's treasure after all...

In this economy too, they are becoming more and more prevalent. In fact I just heard of a local one happening on weekends at the Wayne County Fairgrounds in Belleville - I may just have to stop by and check it out!!!

Wayne County Fair Grounds in Belleville
Multi Vendor Flea market
Saturdays & Sundays through September
8am to 4pm
(Quirk Rd. off the North I-94 service drive
Between Belleville and Rawsonville Roads)

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