December 16, 2009

National Geographic Kids 2010 Almanac Give Away

Just in time for the holidays:

As a child my parents were always filling my brother's and my head with neat experiences - They had an ongoing subscription to the National Geographic which we especially loved. We used to gaze with wonderment at the glossy pages looking at all the wonderful far-away places and people. My brother and I would sit, heads together, on the raised fireplace hearth in front of a roaring fire and enjoy the experience together...
I now have to wonder if my parents had a hidden agenda... After all with two youngsters at home, the luxury of a few moments of silence in the household is rare, that's for sure.

I suppose maybe the promise of entertaining and educating my children, and mostly the thought of their silence excited me as I was asked to participate in a give-away program for (1) National Geographic Kids 2010 Almanac! That's right, my readers have the opportunity to win their own FREE National Geographic Kids 2010 Almanac. It's simple too, all you have to do is leave a comment at the end of this blog post about your favorite National Geographic learning experience as a child (or as an adult) and one lucky reader will win! Try getting the kids involved as well.

For those of you who would prefer not to participate, or don't win, you can purchase your own National Geographic Kids 2010 Almanac at the National geographic Kids website - You can also follow NGKids at Twitter.

A winner will be chosen from all comments posted on this blog no later than January 7, 2010.

NOTE: This writer does not guarantee silence from your children as a result of them gazing in wonderment at the National Geographic Kids 2010 Almanac.


  1. Was a great tool when I was a child and with the internet kids forget books sometimes. I get the NAtional Geographic magazine and kids love it each month.

  2. I've not bought one before but it sounds interesting!! Thanks for the opportunity, Tammy!

  3. Tammy, been a huge fan for life! Turned on by a Grandfather, would spend hours dreaming of my adventures as a future NatGeo Explorer. One recent really cool experience was my 3rd grader wrote to NatGeo to ask about becoming an explorer and an editor wrote him back a personal letter, with "tips" and some swag (Map, Kid's complimentary subscription, stickers). It is an amazing organization still. Thanks for this opportunity! Kelly

  4. My father loved taking our family on hiking trips through Smoky Mountains when I was a young boy, and my mother used our National Geographic subscription to keep our interest in wildlife alive during the "off" season! My favorite articles included explorations of caves and ancient Egyption tombs.

  5. My favorite experience is going next door to my best friends house and watching National Geographic with her family. Her parents always had the magazine collection too. I used to draw pictures from it, as they always showed people with such character in their faces.

  6. that email is sorry!

  7. I received my copy of the National Geographic Kids 2010 Almanac the other day and the kids LOVED it! Make sure you enter for your chance to win a copy!!!

  8. I LOVED NG as a kid. Actually I still do! I watch it on TV any chance I get. Mya is 6 and starting to really get into it as well.

  9. Thanks Kelly for the reminder.

    Gary H was the winner for this go around... That being said, I DO have the opportunity to give away another Almanac... Watch for the announcement later today on how to win!