July 19, 2010

Taking The Kids To The Ann Arbor Art Fair?

It’s art fair week in Ann Arbor, and if you are like countless parents in the area (like me), you may be asking yourself, “If I attend the Ann Arbor Art Fair with the kids in tow this year, will we have fun?” Quite possibly too you might be asking, “What will taking the kids to the art fair mean to me?” “Will there be melt downs?” “Will I have fun if the kids are in tow?” And most importantly, “What is there to do at the art fair for children?”

As my children are becoming more independent and gaining a few years on them it is easier for me to take them places. I’m also beginning to understand the power that these types of experiences afford me – Taking my kids to the art fair becomes a teaching experience, a cultural moment and so much more. So what are the kid friendly aspects of the Ann Arbor Art Fairs; what is there to do at the art fairs this week? Make sure to check out my ideas for parents that are considering taking their kids to wander the Ann Arbor Art Fairs - it's published on www.AnnArbor.com.

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