June 3, 2011

7-year- old Ypsilanti Township Resident Raises $10,000 for Make A Wish

7-year-old Kyle Theume wants to
raise $10,000 for Make A Wish!
Sometimes things happen in the most amazing way; this morning while my daughter and I were casually perusing the sub-wide garage sale in Greene Farms, we stumbled across a huge sale with an unusual sight.

We immediately knew something was different as there were Make A Wish signs and balloons scattered across tables upon tables arranged neatly throughout the front yard. This was one MASSIVE sale! It wasn’t until we were paying though that we met Kyle, the reason for the sale.

Kyle Thueme, a shy 7-year old student from Perry Elementary School, decided he wanted to raise money for the Make A Wish foundation - $10,000 to be specific – And this garage sale was helping him to reach his goal.

It all started when his grandma gave him a Make A Wish t-shirt and hat and Kyle asked what the foundation was. After hearing the explanation, he immediately went to his piggy bank and emptied it to donate to the cause. “I have a lifetime to earn money!” he exclaimed.

All of the items for sale at the garage sale (June 3-4, 2011)
were donated so that the family can raise fund for Make A  Wish

To reach his lofty goal, Kyle and his family have hosted a dance at his school as well as asking friends and neighbors to donate. The garage sale will get them get even further in their quest. Since all of the food (donated by Sam’s Club) and items for sale have been donated, all proceeds will go towards this young philanthropists fundraising efforts!

If you wish to contribute, Kyle will be at his garage sale today and tomorrow 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (7238 Rachel, Ypsilanti 48198) or you can donate online at Make A Wish Michigan. To date, Kyle has reached his goal and will be able to grant 2 children their wish. Since his deadline for contributions is not until July 29 though, he has plenty of time to collect further donations to grant one more child their wish!

Sam's Club donated all of the food for sale at the garage sale
for Make A Wish Michigan
As a parent, this was an excellent teaching opportunity for me to explain how money helps other people and how even the youngest child can make a difference in the world. Kyle's parents must be proud of their son in his quest to help other children.

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  1. Good job Kyle! - Bryan Fulton