August 31, 2011

Premier Toy Store and Hobby Shop to Join Forces

A little bird in a local "Tree" in town said that there are some exciting changes at Ann Arbor's premier toy store (2611 Plymouth Rd., Ann Arbor).  Seems that starting today the store is being modified to accommodate Rider Hobby into the sales space, joining forces and expanding toy, game and hobby sales to cover kids ages birth to 99999999!

Shhh, don't say much, but if you peek into the window at this "Tree" I am sure you will see some significant changes, especially if you stop in early next week when they re-open!

Seems like a good bet to me!


  1. I'm pretty sure that they aren't closed during the opening of the Rider's hobby department. I was there tonight, and they were open, but moving things around in prep for Rider's to start moving in tomorrow morning.

  2. After reading several of their Facebook posts this week that does appear to be the case. Actually Tree Town Toys actually thinks the changes wil be complete today which is earlier than anticipated!