October 27, 2012

I Hope You Have a Child Just Like You!

My daughter taking a break from soccer!

Today my daughter told me she doesn't want to play soccer any more. Part of me is OK with that. Her heart hasn't been into it this season, she hates the crazy weather, and she is clearly not improving as much as other players her age (which I attribute to the fact that her heart isn't into it). On the phone my Mom said, "I wish she'd find something she likes and sticks with it." 

In all fairness, she has played since she was 3 so 3.5 years of playing soccer, when she's ONLY 6.5 years old isn't too shabby. Maybe she'll change her mind and come back to it. Maybe next spring she'll STILL want to play. Who knows.

As a parent, I have been her coach since she started. I did a good job teaching teamwork, and teaching the basics, but I'd really like to see how she does with someone other than me for a coach. I'd never played soccer, so being a soccer coach was a new experience for me as well. But I'd love to see how she responds to a real coach. 

My daughter has already given up on dance classes and gymnastics.She just didn't LOVE either activity, although if she applied herself I think she could have been a good gymnast. Again she's really young, and I don't want to push on any level, but I too would like her to find something she loves and improve to some level of confidence and proficiency. I'd like her to find "her thing".

Making friends is half the fun of playing soccer.
It's funny though, I know another little girl that heard "I wish you'd stick with something." She tried, basketball, volleyball, track, and cross-country. Even ran on a varsity cross country team her freshman year in high-school and placed 51st in states that year. While only the top 50 got medals, she was competing with a team of seniors, and had major knee surgery before that time in her life. That young woman also tried playing the flute, playing the piano and entering several art competitions and went  oon to have a vocal performance major in college and act in many regional commercials, industrial films and a few indy films. She has even sung the National Anthem at a Major League Baseball game! Oddly enough, the same woman who said "I wish she'd find something and stick to it" about my daughter also said it to that young woman and I think she turned out OK. She is a well-rounded adult, with lots of interests, who is a good parent and mentor to other children. So if my daughter does nothing more than fill her life-bank full of great experiences, can a mother complain? I think not.

So when your mother tells you that "She hopes you have a child just like you!" Just hope and pray that it comes true. I know one mom who is incredibly proud of her very young child and looks forward to seeing the woman she will become!


  1. I think your right. I think we post too much pressure on our children to pick something. Isn't childhood for learning experiences? Each level of school or grade as we call them, have their new hurdle. And if we do not try something, how will we know if we like it or not. Parents tell their children to try new foods when their young, why not multiple sports or careers? I think its awesome that your daughter was able to tell you she didn't want to play anymore, she has a voice. Life today requires a voice. Great job Tammy - keep it up!

  2. Wow....what a beautiful piece you wrote and if Gabby turns out like you, then I will be very proud and grateful!

  3. Thank you both. She's a special little girl who makes me exceptionally proud!