November 21, 2012

Keep Your Hands and Arms in The Ride At All Times

Yesterday was one of those days. Well quite possibly it's been "one of those weeks". My daughter has the flu. Why that in and of itself may not be the end of the world, she is susceptible to pneumonia and bronchitis, so the flu is not a good thing for her. It's also caused us to alter our Thanksgiving plans.

I should be blessed to have a healthy child. A friend of mine had her teenage daughter get a liver transplant, I know other folks losing their home and still other families without employment this year. We are blessed. Truly.

It's sometimes a challenge to see the light though, especially when a day doesn't go right. I really felt like I had just stepped onto an amusement park ride. Hold on folks, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

"Ladies and Gentleman, please keep your hands and arms in the ride at all times!"
Monday I took my daughter to the doctor. They told me she had a virus. At that point she had a low-grade temp and an instant rattling cough. Yesterday morning though, she woke with a 103-degree fever and a much worse cough, so I called the doctor.

They asked me to get her in for a chest x-ray and to meet with the doctor again. We needed to make sure it hadn't developed into pneumonia overnight. The chest x-ray was negative, however the doctor told us it was influenza. She gave us a prescription and sent us on our way. That's when the comedy of errors began.

You know the Jim Carrey movie The Truman Show? If you asked me someone somewhere was taking a video of the events just to see how I'd react.

I had to rush out of the doctor's office to get my son from school. We then ran to Kroger to get a couple of items to help my daughter feel better then to get the prescription. Guess what? They didn't have the prescriptions and said they were nowhere nearby. *ugh* I called the doctor's office and had them change pharmacies.

In the second pharmacy I found that they had Tamiflu, but not the correct dosage. That meant we were headed to pharmacy #3. That pharmacy was back at the building where the doctor's office is, 30-minutes away. I got there and they instantly started telling me they didn't have the meds.

"But I stayed on hold when the office called down to ask you!"

15-minutes later they found the meds. I spent the next 30 minutes waiting, while the kids stayed in the car. They gave me the unexpected news that the meds had a high co-pay. "Do you still want the prescription?" "Why yes I do, it's better than pneumonia for my child!"

When they came over to give me my prescription they only had one. "Ah what happened to the second prescription?" "We only had one called down." "What?!"

So I stepped out to call the doctors office. Again. They told me they had in fact called in the second medication 15-minutes earlier, so I stepped BACK into the pharmacy after checking on the children.

"Oh yes, here it is." As I was now in line behind 5 more people.

I finally had the meds in hand and was headed back home with one sick child and a second (hopefully not) sick child. I just felt terribly frustrated.

I know that little things like this shouldn't bother us, however I am a terribly over-scheduled individual. I typically THRIVE being so busy, however when little things like this happen, I have a hard time changing course. It happens. I know.

I called my mom to whine and was reminded though of what happened before this all started.

On the way to the doctor's I wanted to entice my daughter to eat or drink anything, so when she asked for McDonald's I couldn't turn her down. No it isn't the healthiest, but the amount of sodium the meal would contain was likely to make her thirsty, and thus she'd take in fluids!

I ordered her meal and a bottle of water for myself, except when I pulled up to the drive-through to pay, I was told it was "Taken care of" by the driver ahead of me.

I must have had a shocked expression, because when I looked up, the driver ahead of me reached out of his window to wave at me. I waved in thanks back.

That simple act of kindness is one that made my day. Apparently the driver had given the cashier a $20 gift card with instructions to use it until it was exhausted.

So to the driver in the White Jeep Compass. Thank you. Your simple act of kindness made my day despite the crazy rid that was to come.

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