March 6, 2013

Goldfish Swim School Ann Arbor

A couple of weekends ago I took my daughter and her Daisy Troop to a Goldfish Swim School party. We actually bought it with a Groupon last spring using part of their cookie money, however we were challenged to schedule it. I think it was worth the wait though, and the girls completely enjoyed the experience.  My co-leader and I spent time in the pool with them too, which I'm sure thrilled the other parents who were all to happy to snap MANY photos!

The pool is very warm, nearing 90-degrees. Safety is a big deal too, so all of the girls were expected to wear appropriately sized life vests unless they passed a swim test. The facility also had the correct number of lifeguards for the number of girls we were expecting to swim. I appreciated the goggles they allowed the girls to borrow and certainly everyone enjoyed the many pool floaties, especially the large, dense foam mat that they went "surfing" on!

The entire facility was all about comfort, and convenience and was very clean. My biggest complaint is that they are not easy to spot the first time you drive there - I swear I drove past them four times before spotting them.

We went during a privately booked party, however the open family swim sessions would be a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

The Goldfish Swim School Ann Arbor also offers a variety of swim lessons for all skill levels. I would think learning to swim in the warmer water would be the way to go!

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