September 7, 2013

Kids Try Tennis for Free: Event

Kids can try tennis for free by attending one of the many free tennis Youth Tennis
programs happening throughout Metro Detroit in September 2013.
I was watching Nickelodeon - I mean my *kids* were watching Nickelodeon - when I noticed a fun ad encouraging kids to try tennis for free. The ad instructed viewers to go online to find a location near them where they could try the sport using smaller rackets on smaller courts. Of course being an event blogger this intrigued me - Besides I think getting the kids outside, no matter how, is so important, so I went to Youth Tennis website to find a location.

There are many locations throughout Michigan and Metro Detroit, I did make note of the two closest locations where kids from Ann Arbor can enjoy the free tennis play days. Make sure you get online, but here are the locations or your children.

September 22, 2:00-4:00 p.m.

Yasmin and Brick Kids Play Day
Bricks Warehouse (7246 Jackson Rd Scio Twp, MI)
For more information contact Yasmin Kashef- or (203) 2178871

September 28, 10:00 a.m. - noon
Pinckney Area Tennis Open House
Location: 10154 Meadown Lane Pinckney, MI
For more information contact Mark Swanson - or (810) 923-4173

This free event is being sponsored by the US Tennis Association and Nickelodeon to bring tennis to more kids and to get the whole family more active. Make sure you get your kids playing tennis at this free event this September!

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