June 7, 2015

Nature Fun For Kids 2015

The naturalists at Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation have an awesome opportunity for Ann Arbor families looking for a great outdoor experience. "Nature Fun For Kids!" happens throughout the summer at various locations at 10:30 a.m. on a variety of topics. Are your kids interested in nature and science? The perhaps they would appreciate learning about clouds, what is swimming in the pond, or local wildflowers! Whatever their interest, the park naturalists can address your needs.

June 13: Cloudspotting
June 18: Dipping the pond
June 27: Hiking
July 2:P Living like a pioneer
July 11: Monarch butterflies
July 16: Wading the stream
July 25: Fishing fun
July 30: Wildflower bouquet
August 8: Skull hunt
Aug 13: Spiders

Just be sure to pre-register for their free program as it is limited to 15-participants. Register by calling 734-971-6337 x334.

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