November 27, 2015

Elf On The Shelf Causes Nightmares

I'll admit, just a little, that I bought into the whole The Elf on the Shelf thing after my son was born. However I didn't have to "buy" into it, as I already had an elf I thought might do the trick. I brought out my elf. Told the Elf on the Shelf story. Then I waited. I only needed to go as far as to say the elf was watching for good behavior and reporting his findings back to Santa. I didn't need to move him. I didn't even need to help him get into mischief as many of my friend's elf characters are doing - Although with this specific elf that is terribly tempting to do!

Wanna know why?

Take a look at my elf, that will give you a really GOOD hint.

Evil Elf on the Shelf
The reason I don't need to move my elf is, well, because he's faintly evil looking! My son is moderately terrified of him, and even asked me not to bring him out this year. Now consider again why making my elf get into mischief might be moderately fun...

Child wakes up with elf peering at him...
Child finds elf sitting on the toilet in the middle of the night...
Take pictures of elf with sleeping child...

Yes I am a mom with a slightly sick sense of humor. I loved this other bloggers commentary on over-achieving mommies and their elf on the shelf antics too!

My elf, however, is comfortably nestled within the boughs of our tree, peeking out to report the kids good behavior to Santa!

Many of my friends couldn't believe I had an "evil" Elf on the Shelf, so I posted an image on the little guy on Facebook and received multiple comments about his "good looks". One friend said...

"Where are the flying monkeys?"
Some compared it to the Stephen King's movie about the scary clown!

That'll give you nightmares!
And yet others said my Elf on the Shelf reminded them of Chuckie the doll!!!

I'm not sure that it reminds me of anything more than my grandparents. They were the ones that gave the elf to me the year I was born. He certainly does have an oddly strange look about it,maybe he's about to spit something out of those overly large cheeks. I suppose though that says more about the late 1960's - So I can blame that on my parents generation eh?

Have you given into the Elf on the Shelf?


  1. We have no elves, no shelves, no Santa. Just Mom and Dad daily reinforcing the line in the sand. Good behavior must first be modeled by the parents, don't you know?