March 26, 2016

Raita Savory Yogurt for the Family

Raita Savory Yogurt (pronounced Right-ah!) comes in three flavors Carrot, Cucumber and Tomato,
that range from flavorful to spicy. 
They can be purchased at area farmers markets, at Whole Foods,
the Produce Station, People's Food Coop, Argus Farm Stop and Plum Markets.

I was asked Harinee Sampath, product creator of Raita Savory Yogurt, if I would try the three recipes. Of course as a family blogger, I knew that ultimately it had to be something my family would eat. I have a picky eater with the one, and although my youngest has a broader pallet, she's still not very adventurous. Therefore this post features my children in their vlog debut. 

The opinions expressed here are their own. I will add commentary at the end though, as I did try all three yogurt options as well!

My son Zach was honest with his assessment but what is missing is the moment the heat hit. Of course that happened as soon as the camera stopped rolling! He very much likes spicy food but was not expecting the heat. he said after that he had a higher expectation of flavor and less of an expectation for the heat but cumin and coriander are not flavor profiles he was very familiar with. I believe he expected more Carrot flavor. Of course he was using a carrot as his choice for dipping, so he may have missed it simply because he was already eating a carrot.

Gabby got adventurous with both dips. She's decided she wants to start her own YouTube channel, so this was a way she could try to video blog. Here you will see her reaction to the two Raita flavors she tried.

Gabby reading the ingredients to the yogurt.
 As a mom, I can say this. I am most pleased to see that both of my children could read the ingredients on the label (with the exception of the names of the probiotic bacteria!). Fresh, ingredients with no preservatives are important. Plus the beneficial probiotics add a healthy boost! This is a Made in Michigan product that is available in area supermarkets and some Ann Arbor grocery stores too.

As with my daughter, I too very much enjoyed Tasty Tomato with Cumin & Coriander, although I think I preferred Zesty Cucumber with Cilantro & Mint. I loved the hint of mint that popped at the end. It was crisp, clean and very fresh.  Gabby is correct, in her video, she mentioned that she though both would make excellent salad dressings and I agree. I can also see both as a fresh topping for grilled meats!

I am not a "spicy gal" but did try the Spicy Carrot with Cumin & Coriander. When the heat hits though, I did not enjoy it as much. I can see this as a nice addition to those meals where you want the heat though!

You can find more details on the Raita Yogurt website or on the Raita Yogurt Facebook page. I can't wait to serve it up at tomorrow's Easter meal!

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