April 25, 2016

In Britain, Parents at 14: When Will You Talk 'Birds and Bees'?

As a parent, talking to my children about "where babies come from" has been on my mind for some time. It started a while back when my son asked the question after seeing a baby cow, and it has continued as they develop.

My answer has always been an age-appropriate, honest response that answers the questions they ask. Simple. Honest. To the point.

When I hear about children going through puberty at younger ages, tidbits of information my friends children are bringing home from school about the birds and the bees, or about Britain's youngest parents who conceived when they were 13, I become anxious. My mom certainly was honest with me, and we always used correct terminology to understand our bodies and what was happening. Mom and dad always insisted on open communication in the household too. I plan on that same route with my children. How open is too open though?

This was originally published on annarbor.com.

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