June 17, 2009

Homemade Father's Day Projects

Growing up, one of the things that SO reminded me of my dad was "Old Spice" cologne. (Yes I'm a child that grew up in the 70's, How'd you guess) Some of the things we bought him for Father's Day or his birthday was fishing lures, golf balls and soap-on-a-rope. He never complained, he simply smiled and thanked us (if we got THAT much of a response).

I often wondered why as children we were drawn to these types of gifts. Then it dawned on me that, yes they were all hobbies HE enjoyed but they were also inexpensive trinkets we could afford. With the current economy, and the fatc that my husband really doesn't NEED anything

Here are three EASY projects for children to do for dad this Father's Day.

Make Your Own Soap-on-a-Rope

- several bars of ivory soap
- a cheese grater
- twine (or rope)
- warm water
- wax paper
- essential oils of choice

This is a simple project for the kids to make - Mom should grate the soap. Next add warm water to the grated soap slowly until it becomes the consistency of oatmeal. Have the kids dig in and mush the soap and water together. (After all they're PLAYING with soap, how dirty can it be?) Next add a few drops of essential oil (We actually added grated orange peel too since Daddy likes citrus scents and the peel will help exfoliate!) and mix a bit more.

Next mom should cut the rope to an appropriate length and tie a knot at the end. Then, grab a good amount of the soap/water mix and create a ball "around" the rope. Let your soap-on-a-rope dry for approximately 24-hours on wax paper before moving.

Another great idea is to build something WITH DAD in the Skil Building Memories contest sponsored by Skil, Lowes and World's of Discovery. SKIL, Lowes' and Worlds of Discovery came up with a great contest to encourage families to work together on a special Father's Day project. There are (4) possible projects in all with simple, age-appropriate plans for many levels of children - PLUS there are some wonderful prizes to be earned including a 4-day all expense paid family vacation! All you need to do is capture in film, the creating of your materpiece!!!
If you are a parent who prefers NOT to lead your own DYI Father's Day projects, there is a great alternative for you at Treetown Toys in Ann Arbor ~ Keep the kids busy AND make dad his special present!!!

There are several times/days available to make dad his gift from Thursday June 17-21. Kid's can choose to decorate a "dad themed" wooden frame or pencil holder sure to elicite a joyful smile from ANY dad! Check for available days/time and make sure to register in advance at 734-929-6545 or on the Treetown Toys website. The cost for the project is $6.

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