February 8, 2010

What to do When the Snow Falls: Ann Arbor Area Sledding Hills

With the prediction of tomorrow's wintry blast in Washtenaw County, I thought to include a list of ideas - sledding areas specifically - for families to enjoy!

Luckily AnnArbor.com is a great resource. There is an article there highlighting (Guide to the Ann Arbor's best sledding hills) the top sledding hills in Ann Arbor. I personally prefer heading over to a small, but nice sledding hill in Belleville off of the South I-94 Service Drive just East of the Dunam's/Kmart Plaza - Although last time it was exceedingly crowded and bad sledding manners a-plenty! I have also heard from my neighbor that Rolling Hills has a nice sledding hill.

So where to go for great sledding and low-crowds? I'm still working on the details and planning my escape - er, sledding - plan. Where do you go for great winter sledding in Washtenaw County? I found another online resource that mentions a hill off M-52 and Waterloo Road - So com'mon readers where are the good, safe and fun hills? I need to consider younger children too...

I suppose if nothing comes up, I'll simply build my backyard hill again - The kids sure have fun with a hill built down the stairs of our deck and built off of our picnic table. Our run may be only 25-30' but they liked it well enough!

Of course I always could take them sledding on some of the awesome sledding hills in Northville, near where I grew up. Just not certain my 4-year-old would appreciate that much since she is more of a watcher. She much preferred me pulling her in a sled, walking through a local wooded area, while she was tucked warmly beneath piles of blankets - Ahh, the joys of winter!

So where do you take the children sledding? I promise not to tell TOO many people...

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