July 1, 2011

Kid's Passport to Fun at Michael's Crafts

July is a great month to be patriotic, take vacations and learn about new experiences.  That's why taking the kids to Michael's (3655 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor), can help achieve that. Throughout the month, kids ages 3 and up can participate in the free Passport to Fun from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. where they will find crafts highlighting different countries each day.

Below is a listing of the free programs available this month:
  • July 2: America - Children will make a Warrior Shield and Bead Flag and may enjoy free face painting too!
  •  July 5: Italy - Sun catchers and pizza are a great way to experience that Tuscan sun! 
  •  July 7: Australia - Make a koala craft mate!
  •  July 9: India - Raise your hand for henna and elephants!
  •  July 11: Russia - Celebrate Russia with nesting dolls and a Russian bear.
  • July 14: France - Paint like a French impressionist painter. (I was hoping for baguettes!)
  • July 16: UK - Crowns and shamrocks are sure to rule!
  • July 19: Japan - Oragami and block printing sure sound like fun.
  • July 21: Greece - Kids create their own Olympic torch and Greek pot.
  • July 23: Mexico: Create a unique Mexican sun and Tissue paper flower.
  • July 26: China - Make beautiful sand art and tangrams.
  • July 28: South Africa - Create a friendship bracelet to keep or give plus make an animal pin.
  • July 30: Brazil - It's time for CARNIVAL with a mask and learning about the amazon while creating a snake.
I only wish we could get passport stamps for all of these wonderful places and kids activities. We are sure to you enjoy several of these days, will you?

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