July 12, 2011

Mathnasium Ann Arbor Starts First Steps Program

Whether you are a parent trying to give your pre-schooler a leg-up in math or have a student who is showing advanced interest, Mathnasium Ann Arbor has begun a new program geared for your pre-K, kindergarten or first-grade child.

Mathnasium Ann Arbor First Steps program for
Pre-K - 1st grade students, builds the foundation
for excellence in math!
The new First Steps program helps to encourage the development of number sense, or the ability to think mathematically, by exploring concepts such as classification, ordering, numeration and measurement.

"The program is beneficial to your child, teaching basic fractions and number sense so that the skills become part of their everyday thinking process." says Vera Chiu, co-owner of Mathnasium Ann Arbor. "It makes mathematical thinking fresh and exciting and less like a foreign language."

My children and I had the opportunity to preview the class recently, liking what we experienced. The 45-50 minute class, featured games that incorporate math concepts such as patterning, ordering, fractions, shapes, and measurements, and work-book pages. The class, held in a private classroom in the back, allowed the children to be more active manipulating objects to visualize the math concepts plus they still received the same incentivized advancement. My children especially like earning stamps that they can accumulate to trade in for a prize!

The program was set up to allow a small group of children of similar ages to interact with one another and the teacher, working with hands-on math concepts to build on the learning foundations. On the day we attended, three of the children were entering Kindergarten with the fourth child entering 2nd grade. The program flowed nicely allowing the children to work together and also work with the teacher when a concept needed more explanation.

First Steps has two classes weekly on Wednesdays at 5:00 p.m. or Saturdays at 10:00 a.m.; Additional classes will be opened as needed. Parents can choose to attend one or both classes and can choose from many payment options for the program.

Give your Pre-K to 1st grade child the right start for a lifetime of success in mathematics with the First Steps program at Mathnasium Ann Arbor. Stop by and visit the new math learning center, meet with our friendly and energetic instructors, learn about the unique and highly effective Mathnasium approach to teaching math, and find out why kids love to learn math at Mathnasium! For more information on tutoring, specific math learning programs or to discuss a child's specific needs, call 734.769.5666.

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