February 8, 2012

Perspective is Everyting: Child Sleeping in Car in Winter

As I arrived at work this morning I was very surprised and angered to see a child in the car next to where I parked, huddled over, sleeping. Temperatures were in the mid 20's, and although the kid was wearing a knit cap and warm coat, the car was not running. More importantly though, their parent was nowhere to be found! I was furious.

I stood there for what felt like an eternity, vacillating over what to do. Then I marched into my office to call the police.

Once inside, I took a few breaths and observed the car for 2-3 minutes, all the while pacing by the window, and venting to my co-workers. How could this person be so irresponsible? What terrible parent would leave a sleeping child in their car in the middle of winter? At that point I couldn't take it, and decided to walk back out to the car.

At fist I couldn't decide if I should knock on the window. What if I woke the child? Wouldn't I really scare her? So instead I stepped towards the car for a closer look and take action...
I'm glad I did too. The "sleeping child" turned out to be a knit cap pulled over a bag of items.

I walked back into the office just in time to have my boss ask if he needed to call the police...I guess one never quits being a parent.

Lesson of the day: Perspective is everything!


  1. You're an old busy body. Are you that f*****g stupid that you couldn't tell the difference between cloths and a child? Maybe somebody should call the police on you for being an idiot.

  2. I bet $100 buck that you do not have the balls to publish my comment.

  3. I will take my $100 please. And while we are talking about posts, let me share that I don't normally publish comments that berate the writer. It's in my written Code of Ethics. However your comment was so well written, that I decided to go ahead and make an exception.

    I am feeling a little "spunky" for this "Old busy body". That being said, I find it amazing that you are OK to publish an anonymous comment. So while we are talking about balls, perhaps you should check for yours.

    I do apologize that you felt the need to belittle someone else for having a sense of humor and admitting that, at a glance, they thought they saw something else. It was a rather funny moment in the office. If you don't like the content, feel free not to follow the blog. It is a hobby blog. Many readers follow along, finding helpful activities for their family.