February 11, 2012

Weekend Events: Feb 11-12

Sorry that I'm late in getting the events planner together this weekend. I've not been sleeping well, have been working a lot this week, and have been slammed with scouting events and activities. In a word I'm pooped and am now paying the price with exhaustion and an apparent cold. Yup I'm a  mom and that's what happens to us. It's inevitable.

So here is a VERY brief list of some things to do in Ann Arbor today and tomorrow. I promise to get some more free events posted soon, but for now this Ann Arbor mom is off to grab a shot of NyQuil!

There may not be enough snow to make a
snowman, however it's still a great time
to step outdoors and enjoy some fun
winter activities!
Saturday, February 11

Sunday, February 12 Besides all of the fun and mostly free activities around town, consider that there are many kids movies out this weekend, younger children might enjoy many of the storytime events or simply take a walk in the sunshine and snow then enjoy hot chocolate with the family after! What will you do together with the kids this weekend?


  1. Great listings--thanks! Do you know of any teen anime/cosplay clubs in the Ypsi/A2 area? My daughter is 13 and wants to meet more like-minded peers to exchange ideas, cosplay, and have fun!

    Vanessa (not really "anonymous" but not sure what the profiles are about) :)

  2. I'll look for that for you. It seems I have seen several listed through local libraries, however my kids haven't been old enough to take advantage of those yet. I'll see what I can find.