July 20, 2012

New URL Same Content: Ann Arbor Mom Blog For Families

Get the same great content including free events, activities
for the family and the weekend events round-up at the
Ann Arbor Mom blog at  http://annarbormom.blogspot.com/
I mentioned earlier today that it appears someone swiped my URL and has loaded it with (gasp) an advertising site. The company is not local and isn't really offering value to Ann Arbor parents - Unless it's for local ads which are piggy-backing my success as a blog. It does appear that this was a problem with my billing and payment of the purchased URL - So yea today ended on a REALLY cruddy note!

Since the Ann Arbor Mom Blog IS a blogger site though, I've always had  http://annarbormom.blogspot.com/ so please make note of the change and bookmark it to come back to. (Often if you don't mind!) At the Ann Arbor Mom you will always get the same great content including free events, activities for kids, and round-up of  weekend events for your planner.

As a blogger I've been working on something else regardless - Something that makes me happier and hopefully you happier as well. For now though, I'll be here pouting.

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