May 28, 2013

Kids Entertainment at the Cobblestone Farm Farmers Market

There is no denying that I really love gardening. I love to involve the kids to. This year we're even going to commit to planting a Foodgatherers Row For the Hungry. That's one reason why I appreciated getting a press release from the nice folks at Washtenaw County Parks & Recreation about the Farmers Market at Cobblestone Farm (2781 Packard Rd., Ann Arbor) each Tuesday afternoon.

Certainly one could argue that it is just another Ann Arbor Farmers Market, however the market is set up to be kid-friendly, offering entertainment even! So make sure to stop over Tuesday's from 4:00-7:00 p.m. You'll find amazing produce and your kids can have a little fun too on the beautiful, historic grounds!

Schedule - June

June 4: Kids Drum Circle (4:30-5:00), local kiddie-rock singer/songwriter Mister Laurence and his Play Money Band (5:00-6:00), acoustic trio, Inkflo (6:00-7:00).

June 11: Kids Drum Circle (4:30-5:00), West African drumming group, Arbor Foli (6:00-7:00).

June 18: AADL Children's Librarian and storyteller Laura Raynor (4:00-4:30), Kids Drum Circle (4:30-5:00), folk duo Anne Erlewine and Chris Good (5:00-6:00), popular music trio Griff Griffin (6:00-7:00).

June 25: Storytelling by A2 Storytelling Guild's Beverly Black (4:00-4:30), Kids Drum Circle (4:30-5:00), Japanese flute by Bob Rama (5:00-6:00), jazz guitarist Stephen Ragsdale (6:00-7:00), free bicycle maintenance/repair stand, Common Cycle (6:00-7:00).

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