March 5, 2014

Chasing Away Winter at Castaway Bay

Castaway Bay is a great family get-away for winter break, spring break or any time throughout the year when you just need a tropical get-away near home!
With the winter we've been having I was blessed to have another opportunity to visit Castaway Bay in Sandusky Ohio a few weeks ago. My family got to get out of the cold, catch a wave, visit with Snoopy and spend quality time together enjoying a tropical weekend getaway. Best of all, Castaway Bay just a few hours away, there was no snow and it's always tropical at Castaway Bay!

As a blogger I enjoy these trips; It's been a few years since my last time at Castaway Bay visit and I was glad to go back. Even though we've been there before, I was amazed we discovered several new things about Castaway Bay this time too.

Did you know that the parrots in the lobby sing every hour? How did we miss that the last time? Also Castaway Bay has many great activities for the kids too. That would be activities in addition to being in the waterpark. This year my kids enjoyed crafts, karaoke, and a special movie. Perhaps because my children are a few years older now, I felt more comfortable letting them run down alone to activities areas too. At our last visit it was all about the waterpark.

The other new thing I learned on this trip is that the Sandusky area has several really good wineries. I don't know why that hadn't occurred to me before since I know that areas along the lake are usually perfect for growing grapes. (Like in Michigan) Since this was a blogger get-away though, we were also offered a special wine sampling program in the evening. My husband was a bit bummed to not be included in the wine sampling, but I was able to bring a fantastic bottle of Firelands wine home for him to share.

I'll have to say, not much has changed at Castaway Bay since my last review. It's a perfect place to visit no matter the weather. The rooms were immaculate, the staff was always smiling and happy to assist you, the waterpark was kept up well, there are plenty of places to dine on good food. In short, the amenities within the resort are perfect.

My one fear was easily alleviated. As my kids are getting bigger, I wondered what their thoughts on the waterpark might be. Would they still enjoy it? Was it a big enough waterpark to give them a thrill? It's not as big as some of the other resorts, so as a parent I worried about that.

The size of the waterpark is great though. I can sit back with a book if I wanted to, and easily spot my family pretty much anywhere. That means no one gets lost and mom and dad don't have the worry. There are plenty of water slides and the wave pool to occupy the older kids too. Quite honestly my nearly 10-year-old son enjoyed the weekend as much as any of the younger kids in attendance. He loved the large water slide roller coaster the best. My daughter enjoyed the entire waterpark - as long as she could get wet! Check out what the kids had to say about Castaway Bay.

"Castaway Bay was EPIC. I loved the cool water slides and everything we did. I can't wait to go back another time." ~Zach
"My favorite part was the water park and the hot tub. I was only sad I couldn't go outside in the hot tub." ~ Gabby

A note about Gabby's comment. With the snowy and cold winter, there were icicles hanging outdoors above the hot tub making it unsafe. That's why we couldn't be outside.

As I mentioned above, I felt comfortable too allowing my kids to go down to karaoke and the movie that was playing. There certainly was a lot to do during our stay - We ate well, played, visited with the Peanuts gang and relaxed in style. I'd especially like to thank Castaway Bay for the get-away and the fun beach towel craft project for the kids. My kids now have a fun souvenir reminder of their stay. They especially appreciated the welcome basket from Lake Erie Shores & Islands too! And I of course appreciated the blogger wine tasting and bottle of wine from Firelands wine.

I highly encourage any Ann Arbor area parents to take the opportunity to head to Castaway Bay. On the way to the resort grab a bottle of Ohio wine to enjoy in your room, then let the kids loose to explore, craft, swim and play. Castaway Bay is the perfect get-away for winter break, spring break, an extended weekend or any time you want a tropical get-away within a 3 hour drive!

Thank You Castaway Bay,  Lake Erie Shores & Islands
and Firelands wine for a great blogger weekend!

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