July 28, 2009

Creating a crown of flowers for my daughter

MayrendWildflowerCrown.JPG It was a perfect morning - I had just dropped my son at day-camp, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and I was down to one child for the day. What more can a gal ask for?

I decided to take Gabby on a nature adventure of sorts - Harvesting blackberries in my friends open field. It was a grand time, however as it often happens, mom did all the work in picking the berries. Gabby did all of the eating. We did however manage to come home with 2 very large buckets of the juicy black pearly gems. Enough to munch on the spot AND make luscious deserts and jams at home.

I noticed though that Gabby was very preoccupied by all of the wildflowers throughout the field - With the rain the past few days, they was flowers of every shade of white, yellow, purple, and even a few blues sprinkled throughout the field. She was having a grand time picking at each blossom. As luck would have it, I had also recently read an article about creating a Crown of Wildflowers.

"Gabby would you like to work on a special project with mommy today?"

And so we sauntered home, berries in hand (and all over Gabby's shirt) with lovely bouquet of wildflowers laying on the seat next to me.

It was much easier than I anticipated - making the wildflower crown. And the results were stunning - If I do say so myself. Gabby felt like a little princess, and ran around for much of the day wearing her treasure.

I didn't get to prepping the berries yet, but that's OK. Taking a crack at the slower pace, and enjoying my time with my daughter made for the perfect Mother/Daughter memory!

And so I ask again, what more can a gal ask for...

There are fields, upon fields of flowers blooming throughout Ann Arbor right now. Why not try and create your own wildflower crown for your child. For an hour of your time, it's a memory that can not be forgotten... I created a short instructional video on "Making A Wildflower Crown" too, so that no one need wade into uncharted territory.

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