July 1, 2009

Family Fun & Safety During Independance Day Fireeworks Displays!

We all love to attend displays of fireworks for the July 4th holiday. For those of you attending local fireworks displays, I have a few tips to make this family event safe and fun for all...
  • Get there early and wear comfortable clothing and shoes. You may be waiting for a long while or walking a distance to the display area!
  • Bring bug spray, a flashlight and possibly sunscreen (depending on when you arrive)
  • Bring your own glow sticks instead of buying them on-site, you'll save a TON!!!
  • If you arrive early, bring something to pass the time - Games, cards, balloons, snacks, beverages...
  • Leave sparklers home. The space is too tight, and even sparklers can be dangerous for the little ones - If you MUST bring them, make sure you have the space and a bucket of water to drop them into when they are spent.
  • If you are like my family, make sure to spot the Port-a-Potty before picking your spot, also use it BEFORE you need to, avoiding long lines...
  • Pack the kids wagon for transport - Add the cooler, blankets, and any other necessary items. If the kids need to ride the load back to the car, it will be easier than carrying them!
  • In crowded places I've begun adding my cell phone number written in pen on the upper arm of my children.
  • Park for easy access out AFTER the fireworks. Nothing like being stuck in a lot you can't leave when everyone is tired and cranky.
Have fun and HAPPY Independence Day!

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