September 17, 2009

Crazy corn maze opening tomorrow

I'll admit, growing up some of my fondest fall activities are of cow-tipping and snip-hunting. I don't know why my parent’s tortured me this way, but it has made for some great memories. One of those fall activities I have not tried however is going through a corn-maze. I'm not sure why but it is quite possible they weren't popular when I was younger - Or it's the whole Children of the Corn fear that has plagued me for what seems like forever. Regardless, I was intrigued to hear that starting tomorrow, the areas "most baffling corn maze" will be open for weekend "explorations"...

Every Friday through Sunday beginning Sept. 18 and running through October, the corn maze at Talladay Farms will be available for fall family fun. This vegetable labyrinth features over 10 miles of twisting, winding paths that from above, form intricate dinosaur-themed designs. The designs were precision-cut into the corn field with special software and a GPS unit that I'm certain would make any crop circle look insignificant at best.

The maze, is located adjacent to the Wasem Fruit Farm in Milan and is open Friday's 6:00-10:00 pm, Saturday's 1:00-10:00 PM and Sunday's 1:00-6:00 PM. Bring your family for an fun day of running wild through the corn maze and don't forget to bring a flashlight if visiting after dark!

Talladay Farms Corn Maze
6270 Judd Road
Milan, Michigan 48160

The maze is located East off the US-23 Willis Road exit past McCrone/Stoney Creek Roads. Cost: $6 for adults/ $5 kids 5-11/ 4 and under - free with a parent.

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  1. While driving through Chelsea yesterday, I also saw a sign for the Chelsea Corn Maze - visit for info.