September 24, 2009

The Search for Ann Arbor's Pirate Bounty!

Ahoy Matey's! Ever wanted to venture into forbidden waters with treasure map in hand on an elusive treasure hunt? It's time to set sail for October's annual Ann Arbor Treasure Hunt.

The Ann Arbor Treasure Hunt takes participating “Pirates” on a voyage through Ann Arbor’s stormy and wild seas to the unique local shops and restaurants that make Ann Arbor a must-experience ‘Port of Call’. The goal of the hunt, which began in 2008, is to draw an audience to downtown Ann Arbor, into locally owned shops and restaurants. Last year, pirates and pirate teams of all sizes took part in this fun month-long event. There were families, co-workers and adult groups that all ‘took up arms' and heaved the Jolly Roger to follow the trail around town in hopes of being the lucky pirate team.

Beginning October 1 and running the entire month, pirates with treasure maps in hand will be guided to participating shops, restaurants and galleries in search of the treasure – A solution to a clue. Once located, the pirates must "capture" the clue on film. After capturing all of the solutions, they must submit their photo proof and treasure map for a chance to win the bounty - a chest filled with items that have been collected from the participating Ann Arbor shops. The treasure hunt is a FREE family friendly event open to everyone interested in pillaging to win lavish pirate loot!

The Ann Arbor Treasure Hunt was created as a fun local event offered to families and individuals in the area looking for an autumn adventure. Last year over 20 shops, galleries, and restaurants participated.

Ye been chosen to venture on the high seas of Ann Arbor this October. So strap on ye sea legs, set sail and give yourself the chance to win a treasure chest filled with lavish pirate loot. The Annual Ann Arbor Treasure Hunt runs from October 1-31st. For additional information, or to learn how you can participate in the hunt, visit the Ann Arbor Treasure Hunt website, or contact Samantha Nielsen Misiak at 734-657-4940. You can also find the Ann Arbor Treasure Hunt on Facebook!


  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to write about the Ann Arbor Treasure Hunt... I've put it together these two years and it's just so much fun. I have a 7 and 8 year old too, so it's a very family friendly event along with a beautiful time of year to get downtown, and go on a pirate adventure on the wild seas of Ann Arbor... :) Enjoy Everyone!! Arrrrgh..

  2. My pleasure Cap'n Sam - Anything for families is something worth spreading the word on, or the "bounty" in the case of this event!