January 24, 2010

2nd Chance to Win A National Geographic Kids 2010 Almanac

Thanks to all the readers who posted a comment on the Ann Arbor Mom Blog on our first National Geographic Kids 2010 Almanac give-away in late December, Gary H. of Ann Arbor won. What is really great though, is that I have been given the opportunity to give away yet ANOTHER free almanac. I'm hoping by now Gary would have received his almanac and can chime in on what a great publication it is, the photos are fantastic and the articles are engaging for children and adults alike! My children really do enjoy flipping through the pages to look...

So how can you win your own National Geographic Kids 2010 Almanac? It's simple, you'll need to visit the National Geographic Store and browse the kids area - After visiting the site, post a comment to my blog on either your favorite product or a product review if you HAVE any of the items on the site!

Several years ago, my son received the Fly and Discover Talking Globe. It's a great toy because it is a pretty basic starter globe that has several games a child can play, even my son who was three when he received it, enjoyed playing with the globe (In fact he STILL plays with it!). Flying by a joystick, kids "fly" around the world learning fun facts - He can choose Tricky Travels for a guided journey or select Creature Feature to find animals on every continent. He loves the music and sound effects of the sputtering flying airplane!!!

Hurry and respond by Valentine's Day - A winner will be chosen from all comments posted.


  1. I received the Almanac last week and I love it! Pictures are sharp and creative, there's lots of misc. facts about our world. Definitely a quality book!

  2. Me, me, me, me.... I tried last time and didnt win! :-(

    - Gopal Kamat

  3. Oh wait... Forgot to mention this product I think I love! :-) http://shop.nationalgeographic.com/ngs/product/kids/toys-and-games/all-toys/radio-controlled-seaplane. I'm fascinated with all kinds of flying objects and this R/c seaplane sounds awesome!

  4. We got the talking globe for our daughter and she loved it! It was fun when she would come up and ask where something was and her Dad had to try and figure it out. It has now passed along to our son and he enjoys it as well!