February 2, 2011

Snowmageddon 2011 Ann Arbor: Snow Experiments and Fun for Snow Days

SnOwMG - What to do with the kids
when the snow flies?!

No matter how you say it - snowprah, snowpocalypse, snowmageddon, snownami - Today's weather is bound to make Groundhog Day 2011 one for the history books. Phil most certainly is hiding under a blanket of thick snow or in the very least diving for cover before being hauled out for full winter exposure. 

Since my post on making snow ice cream raised concerns on the safety of eating snow. (What?!) I will re-think my plans for snow day activities and stick with snow fun that doesn't involve eating snow. (Or eat snow in moderation anyway!)

What winter experiments would work for today? I'm not sure that making snow bubbles would happen considering the blowing wind and drifting snow, but I will earmark that one for another snowy, below-freezing day!  I do however have my time lapse camera set up ready to catch the snow-fall. Maybe I should also consider setting up a snow/rain gauge experiment though to measure the snow... We could also set up an experiment to see how heavy snow is.

Snow days allow for spontaneous family fun!
Kids can simply collect some snow, some ice, and some rain water in separate Ziploc bags, or even in cups of the same size. Then place these bags one by one on a kitchen scale. Which bag is the heaviest? Which bag is the lightest? What happens after they melt? This is an opportunity to talk about the density of different materials. Or try other simple experiments with snow and ice that might include the density or water before and after it freezes, or making frost - Fun things that kids can try.

Of course with the huge amount of snow many areas are experiencing, making a snow fort or personalized sledding hill or sledding luge, or getting out for family cross country skiing are also fun outdoor activities, just be sure to dress warmly!


  1. Holy cow I've heard you've gotten pounded with snow, but that's just crazy

  2. The snow hasn't been too bad, however the cold has not been as fun.