February 1, 2011

Snowmageddon in Ann Arbor: So What's To Do?

With all the snow coming in Michigan,
there will be no shortage of snowmen!
I'll admit I'm intrigued over the hype - the blizzard warnings, the freaking out. I'm wondering if I'll see preemtive school closings in the area too. I know my son is hoping for it!  At any rate, it'll make for an interesting conversation later in the week!

If you're on a lock-down and looking for something to safely do I found this 50 Ways To Spend A Snow Day in the Detroit Freepress, or consider allowing the kids to make snow ice cream, or if you get REALLY brave, and can safely get out a bit, create your own backyard sledding hill. I know I have our backyard prepped for an awesome luge!


  1. I stumbled upon your post and I couldn't agree more. I think it is great that you're encouraging building sledding hills, eating snow ice cream, and all the snow filled fun that follows! I think it is a great opportunity to be spontaneous with your child and do something fun and creative. I am a photographer and I have done imprompt photoshoot's on snowdays, filled with snowman & angels, sledding and hot coco- I love to be behind the lens playing in the snow with the little ones!


  2. Thanks! capturing the moments of fun is what I look forward to as well. Our down the deck sledding hill is in the process of being built as I type this and I can't wait for tomorrow's memories!