December 2, 2011

Free Friday: Aquaphor Baby Products

Just in time for the cool weather, win
Aquaphor Baby products to soothe
your child's skin!
I told you all that I would have some great prizes for Ann Arbor Mom readers. Now, just in time for the cool weather is one to help soothe the skin on your baby, toddler or child.

Recently I was given several Aquaphor Baby products to try out and use on my children. I'll admit though, I already was a fan of Aquaphor products. They are great at preventing dry skin and worked wonderfully for diaper rash - I even used it on my son this summer when he had a brief chafing issue!

When we think of our skin and cold winter months – dry, itchy, inflamed and cracked are a few trademark characteristics that come to mind. Imagine how this must feel on a baby, whose skin is even more sensitive and susceptible to “eczema”. Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment and Aquaphor Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo used together can help keep your baby (or even your young child) comfortable when the weather is less than comfortable!

The Baby Healing Ointment, a smooth, creamy ointment, is a pediatrician-recommended formula that will soothe and protect your baby’s uncomfortable dry skin and provide effective relief even for the most severely dry, cracked skin. And the Gentle Wash & Shampoo is a mild, tear-free and fragrance-free cleanser for daily use on baby’s sensitive skin. Aquaphor soothes and protects a baby’s skin to help keep your baby comfortable throughout the entire winter.

The package arrived at our household at the right time too. My son had been really complaining about an itchy back most nights before bedtime. After rubbing some onto his back for several nights, the itchiness became less of an issue and helped him sleep soundly. Secretly I think his "itchy back" might have been a bedtime stall routine, however mom's solution of using Aquaphor products left him with very little to say.

Now for the Free Friday prize: One lucky Ann Arbor Mom reader has an opportunity to win their own set of Aquaphor Baby products! Keep it for your family, save it for an upcoming shower gift or stash it away for yourself all you need to do is to comment below on why you like Aqauphor products. Entries must be posted  before midnight on December 9. A random winner will be chosen from all entries. One entry per person pleas.

For more information on Aquaphor products, visit the Aquaphor Facebook Page or the Aquaphor website!


  1. I like to use Aquaphor for children's chapped lips, as well as diaper rash.

  2. Aquaphor is good at keeping out skin healthy. I hate it when my hands crack in the winter.

  3. Both of my children have eczema and this time of year, heading into winter, is horrible. Aquaphor is the only thing that works on their little faces to keep them hydrated, especially around their mouth, where the dry patches are especially bad.

  4. I used Aquaphor for my first two daughters. It's really great stuff! My youngest daughter has the driest skin of all in our home and I'm sure this would help her a lot this winter.

  5. My daughter also gets those itchy patches on her skin. Mostly during the winter and they've already started. Aquaphor has worked before but I haven't got any yet this season.

  6. My husband uses Aquaphor on his face prior to running in cold weather.

  7. Aquaphor is the best product for diaper rash!

  8. We like Aquaphor for eczema and diaper rash.

  9. Welcome Sara (the 4th entry) you have won the Aquaphor gift. Please contact me at tmayrend at gmail dot com so that I can get a shipping address!