December 16, 2011

Weekend Events Round-Up: December 16-18

It's been kind of crazy for me. I suppose it's been crazy for each of you too. It's amazing how much time gets sucked up during the holiday season. To me it feels like that dream where you are running down a hall and the hall keeps getting longer... Things just get away from us. That is why it is important for each of us, as parents, to take care of ourselves. Take a nap, enjoy a long bath, get a massage or simple find somewhere to sit for a few minutes in silence to listen to your own deep breaths and the rhythm of your own body.

After a brief moment to relax, you hear the kids say "Mom what can we do? Mom I'm bored." So, know that it's easy to find something to do in Ann Arbor right now - in fact this weekend there are many great events and activities to enjoy for your weekend planning needs! There are also more "holiday specific" events in the Ann Arbor Holiday Event Planner.

Friday, December 16
Saturday, December 17
Sunday, December 18

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