April 4, 2012

Night Hike and Campfire at Independence Lake

Spend a spring evening under the stars with a night hike and
campfire at Independence Lake!
On Saturday, April 7 make sure to take a short drive to Independence Lake for a night hike. This free program through the Washtenaw County Parks & Recreation will allow the kids to look and listen for signs of spring. Hear frogs, cranes, woodcock and other wildlife that is meandering through the night.

The hike should last an hour and will be followed by a campfire where families can share some marshmallows and stories around the fire.

The program is free except for vehicle entry fees into the park. Hikers start at 8:00 p.m. at the Beach Center. Hope for a clear sky and maybe you'll see the moon rise.


  1. Thanks! We've made it a point to go hiking at a different park each day of the break this week. This would be a fun hike to wrap up the week!

  2. We've been doing the same and may head out there tonight even.