April 1, 2012

100th Aniversary of the Titanic Sinking

For a glance at history be sure to visit the Titanic artifact exhibit at the
Henry Ford, March 31-September 30, 2012
As a strange coincidence, this year my 8 year old son decided his Pinewood Derby Car would be a ship, specifically the Titanic. At first I though, "Great now I have to help him build a ship car." but later realized that this would be an awesome opportunity for me to teach him about a bit of history and possibly encourage him to read!

We've since pulled books from the library and read some online. I'm so excited to be taking him to the Titanic Exhibit at the Henry Ford to see too. He's probably a bit on the young side, however I know he'd enjoy it! Many years ago I went to the exhibit with my grandparents and loved all of the history it had to offer. (I'll make sure to write a review of the exhibit after we go too!)

As an added bonus, there is even an opportunity for my son to meet an actual shipwreck survivor as the Ann Arbor District Library hosts a Titanic Centennial Event on Monday April 16 at 7:00 p.m., when Pierette Domenica Simpson returns to AADL to share her personal and harrowing account of the 1956 collision of the SS Andrea Doria and the MS Stockholm.

And of course Icould always take my son to see the re-release of the Titanic movie in April.

So for those of you history buffs, April 2012 is an amazing time to introduce your youth and teens to a tragic historical event in a  that may never be possible again. I highly encourage the Titanic exhibit at the Henry Ford and look forward to your comments about area events you attended!


  1. Shipwrecks are fascinating. I've been doing a lot of online researching for Great Lake shipwrecks since we're learning about the Great Lakes in our homeschooling.