August 21, 2016

Blaze Pizza Opens in Ann Arbor

Tonight, the family was invited to a sneak peek of the new Blaze Pizza  (3500 Washtenaw Ave.) opening in Ann Arbor tomorrow. My son is fairly picky, so I never know what he will eat. He loved it though and even left a video testimonial on the Ann Arbor Mom Facebook page!

Checking out pizza at Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza Ann Arbor.
We found the make your own option to be the best option. It allowed each of us to customize our pizzas. The pizzas all finished cooking within 2-3 minutes of one another too.

Aside from the food, what did we think? We think it's going to be a big hit in Ann Arbor. The location is ideal for a quick meal too. We arrived shortly before the skies opened up and rain fell sideways, so my kids were both thrilled to see the restaurant alter its layout, closing the exterior door and opening the inside one! It converted the space to a much larger one. The place was packed too, which I assume will be the typical lunch rush scenario. It was a bit noisy, but that was likely due to the excitement of those of us dining as well as the staff. They shouted cheers several times while we were there too.

The staff was exceptionally friendly as well. It was clear several were learning their jobs, but despite the rush, everyone smiled. It was a great test run for their grand opening tomorrow and free pizza day Tuesday.

Today we each made our own pizzas, my husband and I shared a salad and my daughter even tried a s'mores pie. The kids would not try the lemonade or agua fresca beverages, but I very much enjoyed those! They were refreshing and tasty.

So how do you get your Free Blaze Pizza? Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza, is inviting local diners to try one of their custom-built pizzas for free on Tuesday, August 23 from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. The promotion will benefit Food Gatherers, too, because if Blaze Pizza can give away 1,000 free pizzas on Tuesday, they’ll donate $5,000 to Food Gatherers! So be sure to stop in an enjoy Pizza Day, all you have to do is show up, eat some delicious pizzas and give back to a great cause.

Convertible doors on the new Blaze allow
the doors to open and close for open air seating.
The cool atmosphere was a lot of fun for the whole family. 

Choosing their own toppings on Blaze Pizza was a big hit!
 My favorite part was choosing which toppings I would like on my pizza. I'll admit though, it's a bit overwhelming. I suppose that is a good reason to come back. There were 6 or 7 types of sauce, MANY types of cheese (mmm, cheese), many meats and tons of veggies. The Blaze Pizza menu is pretty spectacular for sure. They even offer gluten free, vegetarian and high-rise dough options! We enjoyed the simple crust. It was thin, crispy and so perfectly cooked.

The wood fired grill was entertaining to watch for a few minutes too.
The kids thought it was pretty cool.

Mmmmm, Blaze pizza was a hit!
 My son is already making plans on when to go back, he even asked about bringing a friend. For just $7.95 per pizza that is very manageable, and honesty my kids probably could have split a pizza. They did enjoy bringing the pizza boxes home though and I would not have crushed their spirits tonight by denying them their own pizza! Look at those happy smiles.

Thank you Blaze Pizza for inviting us to the Sneak Peek tonight!
Stop by the new Blaze Pizza in Ann Arbor (3500 Washtenaw Ave.)  or, if you are running short on time, you can even place your pizza order online!

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