August 8, 2016

Kids Cooking With Sprouting Chefs

My daughter and her cooking partner during the kids cooking class at Sprouting Chefs.
Recently my daughter had the opportunity to participate in a kids cooking class with Sprouting Chefs. Sprouting Chefs offers hands-on cooking classes for children and young adults. The classes are taught by Lilian Anderson, Registered Dietitian and culinary professional. Kids get one-on-one exposure to gardening, and preparing seasonal foods from the garden, while learning to cook in a real industrial kitchen (Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1500 Scio Church Rd., Ann Arbor)! The best part of it of course, is that they get to eat the meal they prepare while bringing home a hearty plate of leftovers and complete recipe booklet.

Small class sizes in an industrial kitchen mean the kids learn a lot
with Sprouting Chefs, including proper food safety and handling!
My daughter has been bugging to learn to cook for a long time now. Aside from this, she has participated in a Girl Scout cooking camp, and has done some cooking with me, but this kids cooking class was right up her alley! She liked that she could choose from a variety of classes to participate in too. Lilian, the owner, told me that many of the kids come back over and over to learn new recipes or even to perfect recipes in classes they have already taken.

The class size was small, which was impressive, and the fees associated with the class were very reasonable. As a parent though, what I was most impressed with, was to learn there was a good discussion on cleanliness in the kitchen, proper food storage and handling and complete lessons on how to use the tools. Having leftovers also meant that I knew how things should taste if she made it again. The kitchen smelled amazing when I picked her up. The day my daughter attended she made meatloaf, experimented with two styles of cooking corn and they made a nice, healthy fruit compote with peaches and berries. I found it cute that she wanted to instruct me on the correct way to use a micro-plane for zesting - actually she was a bit surprised to learn that I already owned the tool!

Her fruit compote over ice cream was to die for - We ate it at home without
the ice cream even! I appreciate that Sprouting Chefs offers fresh, healthy recipes!
Within days my daughter remade much of the recipe; She opted for a salad instead of the corn, but she was able to replicate the recipe very easily. Of course, don't take my word for it, my daughter, who was the real client, will tell you about it in this short video blog.

Do you have a possibly future culinary expert? Perhaps you just have a curios child? Or better yet, perhaps you have a child with a limited palate. I do feel that by teaching a child to cook, they are more likely to become adventurous eaters. The cooking class at Sprouting Chefs was great, and my daughter was able to come home from class and make the recipe at home with minimal support or supervision. So if you are interested in your child learning more, be sure to see the many cooking classes that Sprouting Chefs offers. In the words of Guy Fiere, "Cooking with kids is not just about ingredients, recipes, and cooking. It's about harnessing imagination, empowerment, and creativity." and Sprouting Chefs offers just that.

Find out more about Sprouting Chefs at their website: or on their Facebook Page: or call 734-474-1006.

Thank you Sprouting Chefs for the kids cooking class - It helped my daughter
become more confident in the kitchen!

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