August 11, 2009

Climb on up with the AADL and Planet Rock!

MayrendRockWallClimb.JPGLet me tell you, rock climbing LOOKS like a walk in the park, I'm wondering though if inactivity since college and age have gotten the best of me, because on a recent trip north I tried climbing a rock wall again... I made the mistake of not going fast enough though, and thinking too much about which "rock-hold" to grab - In other words I didn’t have the best form, and my muscled began protesting.

Much to the delight of my children though, I DID make it up the wall to ring the bell, but was EXHAUSTED by the time I repelled to the ground - WHAT a trip! My husband was successful with scaling the wall too, so it was doubly exciting for the kids!

Neither Zach nor Gabby would try to climb the wall though - I guess I should have expected that for a 3 & 5-year-old, but they would have been strapped into a harness and helped along had they wished to try it out!

If your 6 to 12 grade student is lamenting that there is nothing to do, and they might like to TRY rock climbing, they will have the opportunity to do so this Friday - For FREE!

On Friday August 14 from noon - 3:30 PM, The Ann Arbor District Library is hosting "Climbing 101" at Planet Rock. Stop by and try your luck with indoor rock climbing and enjoy the fun - It's GREAT exercise too!

Climbing 101
When: Noon-3:30 p.m.
Where: Planet Rock, 82 Aprill Dr.
off eastbound Jackson Rd. between Parkland Pl. and Jackson Pl.
Ages: Grades 6-12 (with signed parental waiver)
Cost: Free
Call 734-327-4200 for more information

For more family-friendly events be sure to check out the parenting section of I frequently add unique content to both sites!

photo: Michael Mayrend climbing the rock wall at Crystal Mountain, MI 2009

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