August 12, 2009


This is for all you parents out there looking for free, educational outings for your family. (This one is specifically geared for children through age seven!)

August 26-28, families have the opportunity to attend a FREE Kindermusik session in Ann Arbor - To sign up for a free class, make sure to visit Linda Anderson's Kindermusik website.

I loved introducing my children to Kindermusik, in fact, they both began classes in the first month of their lives! Introducing young children to music can build a foundation for learning and lifelong love for music. I firmly believe that exposing Zach and Gabby to Kindermusic, it helped to:

Develop early language skills
Acquire early reasoning skills
Learn early math shills
Increase self-control

If you have any thoughts of taking a class but are nervous about what you'll find once you are there, I found this great video clip. Please don't be ashamed of your voice, believe me all eyes are on the children - Of course if you CAN sing, the teacher would LOVE to have you!!! This video specifically previews "Family Time" which is geared for entire families - We took this class for most of Gabby's life since taking two separate classes became challenging to schedule!

If you have ANY questions about Kindermusik, and how it helped my children, I'd be glad to answer your questions!

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