August 27, 2009

Free Alert - The Milk Mustache Mobile Tour in Ann Arbor

The Milk Mustache Mobile Tour is dropping into Ann Arbor this Saturday August 29, at the Busch’s on Main Street. From 5-7pm, this family-focused event will provide free smoothies and milk samples, as well as massage and health assessment on-site. Stop in too, to have your family pose for their very own "Milk Mustache" photo - Just like in the celebrity advertisements for milk!

This year’s theme is Drink Well. Live Well. As milk is being reintroducing as Nature’s Wellness Drink. Focusing on the wellness benefits of milk, the event will have a Wellness Beverage Center where people can sample milk from Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc. as well as lowfat smoothies.

As a courtesy of my readers, the mobile tour is giving me some fun Got Milk? gear to give away to my readers. I will randomly draw winners from the first five area-moms that e-mail me the answer to the following question before Saturday:

Q: How many fewer calories can you expect to consume at lunch if you drink a glass of fat free milk at breakfast time?

A: The answer can be found at!

Check back the AnnArborMom site after the event - I'll plan on being at the tour to capture some of the Ann Arbor families who are having fun at the event!

Creative Commons License / photo credits: Got Milk? campaign

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