October 28, 2009

Baby Einstein DVD Exchange/Refund Program

A friend of mine brought this to my attention, and although it's not an "activity" for families, it is a great rebate or upgrade for anyone wanting to return any baby Einstein DVD's purchased between June 5, 2004 and September 4, 2009.

In essence, if you are not satisfied with the Baby Einstein DVD you purchased you may, for a limited time beginning on September 4, 2009 and ending on March 4, 2010, exchange it for one of the following:

One (1) Baby Einstein Book of your choice
One (1) Baby Einstein music CD of your choice - Or -
One (1) coupon for 25% off the purchase of one Little Einsteins™ product. Redeemable with promotion code only at DisneyStore.com.

OR you may return it, and we will refund the current retail value of the DVD ($15.99).

What it boils down to is that you can get a refund on up to 4 Baby Einstein DVDs - $64 total – per household if you return them. To request your DVD exchange or refund, check out the program specifics at the following link. I will admit, my son LOVED the first two (earlier) Baby Einstein DVD's we had, however the later ones I purchased were not as enjoyable to him and thus hardly used... This is a GREAT deal and yes parents it IS legit!

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