October 28, 2009

Halloween Safety Tips

I found a read a very informatitive, helpful document from the City of Ann Arbor Police Services regarding Halloween that I would like to pass along. In general, trick-or-treating this year may take place in neighborhoods on Saturday, Oct. 31 between 5-8:00 p.m. we're lucky too, since this year, Halloween is on a weekend, so some families can start a little earlier than in past years!

Halloween is the children's night for tricks and treats … ghosts and goblins … haunts and horrors. Unfortunately, some of the horrors are all too real. Every year, on Halloween, many children suffer from auto accidents, fire injuries, falls, cuts, bruises or poisoned treats. Be aware and be informed so your children can have a safe, enjoyable Halloween. Supervise your children's evening, and stay in neighborhoods that are well-lit and familiar. Here are more precautions to help keep your Halloween happy.

• Children become careless from excitement and may run into the road - Watch your children closely!
• Dusk is the time of poorest visibility for drivers - Try to Trick or Treat while it is still
• Choose a costume that is easy to walk in, easy to see out of and can be seen by car drivers.
• If the Trick or Treating lasts into the night, wear a light colored costume.
• Use reflective tape on the costume for additional visibility.

• Loose costumes, oversized bags or unsafe shoes can cause falls or accidents.
• Masks reduce vision.
• Sharp or pointed toy weapons are unsafe.
• If wearing a mask, choose one that is cool, comfortable and easy to see out of. Take off the mask before crossing the street. Better yet, wear make-up instead of a mask.

• Billowing costumes are dangerous around an open flame.
• Flowing false-hair wigs are unsafe around candles.
• Wigs and costumes should be of non-flammable materials.
• Use a flashlight. It makes children more visible and lights their way.

• It's sad, but true, that some people wish to cause harm. Treats must be checked for potential poisoning or unsafe objects.
• Unpackaged items such as popcorn or small candies should be DISCARDED.
• Candy with loose or torn wrappings should be DISCARDED.
• If you should discover anything wrong with the "TREATS" brought home, report it to law enforcement so that other parents may be warned and the people responsible caught.

Wishing all of my readers a safe and Happy Halloween!!!

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