March 27, 2012

Learn to Read With Circus Vowels: Product Review & Give-Away

A couple of weeks ago, local author and school teacher Jodi L. McMaster, gave me two copies of her new book Circus Vowels: The Long and the Short of It - One to read and the second to give away to one lucky Ann Arbor Mom reader. Read on for information about the book, my book review, where you can purchase the book Circus Vowels and how you can win your own signed copy!
Win a signed copy of the book Circus Vowels: The Long and the Short of It
My children and I really did enjoy reading the Circus Vowels book! As the title suggests, it's a story about the alphabet vowels visiting the circus, what they encounter when they get there and how their behaviour, good or bad, affects their sibling vowels. Basically though, the story illustrates how each vowel has a characteristic sound in certain grammatical situations.

The book has a simple, engaging story, but what I especially liked was that I can help my children remember how vowels might sound, by remembering the story. It has proven as helpful to my kindergarten student that is just beginning to read, as it has to my second grader who still struggles to remember grammar rules.  I also appreciated that the back of the book includes several pages of simple activities to re-enforce what was just read and learned about.
"A, E, I, O and U are very confusing letters, which we call vowels. Sometimes they yell their own names, sometimes they say their very quiet sounds, and sometimes they don't say anything at all!"
The book is probably best for children in pre-school through second grade as they are learning to read. It also makes a wonderful tool to help young developing readers to remember the grammar rules.

So grandma or grandpa, moms and dads, be sure to get your own copy of Circus Vowels:The Long and the Short of It for your home library, or considering buying and donating a copy to your child's favorite teacher or the school library. It would make an excellent book to have in your library "learning toolbox"! You can buy Circus Vowels: The Long and the Short of It on Amazon for 10.

Would you like to win a free copy of Circus Vowels?

Leave a comment below about your favorite vowel sound. (I like the short "i" in Spring!) One lucky winner will be chosen from a random drawing of all entries submitted before April 12, at midnight! An autographed copy of the book will be mailed to the winner the next day.

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  1. Can't say I ever really gave a thought to a favorite vowel sound. I guess the short a since it appears twice in my name.

  2. This is such a neat concept for a book! I have a kindergartener who has finally grasped the vowel sounds and a preschooler who is just starting to read and this book would be a great tool! I haven't really given much thought to my favorite vowel sound but I guess it would the the short "a" sound since this is one of the first sounds young babies and children start to make.

  3. I also have 2 little ones on the verge of reading. Thanks for the chance to win. I guess my favorite vowel sound is "oo", but I'm not sure if that one is in the book. :)

  4. Congrats "Sara" on being the winner of the Circus Vowels book. Please send me a message (tmayrend at gmail dot com) with your mailing address and I will drop the book in the mail for you! Make sure the subject line reads "Ann Arbor Mom Contest: Circus Vowels".

    Thanks to all who entered here and on Facebook!

  5. Greetings! Do you own any journalism skills or this is a natural gift of yours? Can't wait to hear from you.

  6. I grew up writing, wrote for the school paper in high school and took some journalism courses in college. Blogging is simply an extension of being a creative individual. As for natural gifts I'd love to think so, however I write really what I like - Thanks for your comment!