March 29, 2012

Report Card Blues From Your Child's Math Grades?

Has your child’s most recent report card sent shivers down your spine? Need to improve several grades before the end of the school year? Does “new math” send you running for the door? Fear not, help is on the way from Mathnasium of Ann Arbor (2111 Packard Rd, Ann Arbor).

Mathnasium, teaches kids math the way that makes sense to them - Which is not always intuitive for parents! Theirs curriculum has helped thousands of students nationwide including my two children.  My kids have actually gained knowledge beyond their classroom expectations by attending some classes at Mathnasium. This tutoring means that I can sit back and relax and not worry as much, because frankly some of the new math they bring home, makes me feel inadequate.
On a recent stop to Mathnasium, Vera the co-owner, showed me some pretty impressive information. Charts where student after student had significantly improved their math grades after attending classes. Some students saw this improvement in as little as three months!
This sample is of a third grade student that had a 27% overall improvement after
three months of math tutoring at Mathnasium of Ann Arbor.
What really works for my children is the positive reinforcement within the program. My children actually look forward to attending. And of course, the ultimate proof of success is in the ability and confidence your child exudes and the increased math score that you will see. Be sure to stop by Mathnasium of Ann Arbor and ask to see some of the student scores and testimonials, you'll be glad you did. Your commitment to your children, to help them catch up, keep up, and get ahead in math will be well worth the visit!

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