September 14, 2011

Bring Your Pennies to Support the Ronald McDonald House of Ann Arbor

I heard about this very good cause and thought to pass it along to my readers. To me it's important that my children understand that they CAN help make a difference, so tonight after gymnastics we will be stopping by to drop off our pennies...

Pennies add up. Let your children make a
difference during the radiothon for the
Ronald McDonald House of Ann Arbor.
Beginning today through Friday September 16, Brian “Bubba” Cowan of W4 Country’s “Breakfast
with Bubba” show will be hosting a 61-hour radiothon to raise five million pennies to benefit the Ronald McDonald House of Ann Arbor. The broadcast, will take place on the roof of Saline McDonald’s (7847 E. Michigan Ave., Saline) until 5 million pennies are raised! That's a lota' dough.

“We are extremely grateful for the support of W4 Country and Bubba for their dedication to
the Ronald McDonald House of Ann Arbor and are thrilled that they’re back to host our 2nd annual
radiothon,” said Kim Kelly, executive director for the Ronald McDonald House of Ann Arbor. “The
monies raised through the radiothon will allow the Ann Arbor Ronald McDonald House to continue to
provide a wonderful service at a time when families need help the most.”

The mission of the Ronald McDonald House of Ann Arbor is to provide a "home away from home.” for families of children receiving care - typically long term care for illness, injury or treatments. The services are unique in the greater Ann Arbor area and help alleviate emotional and financial stress for each family. Most of a families stay is subsidized, with families paying only $10 per night, but only 25% of families are able to even afford this.

So why not help your child understand that they can make a difference and take their pennies to the Saline's McDonald's to help out families in need!

For more information regarding the Ronald McDonald House of Ann Arbor, contact Kim Kelly
at (734) 994-4442 or via email at

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