September 24, 2011

Monthly Sensory Sensitive Cinemas at Rave Ann Arbor

On the fourth Saturday of each month at 10:00 a.m., Rave Mothion Pictures (4100 Carpenter Rd., Ypsilanti) will be hosting a series of films aimed at families who have children with disabilities or are on some stage of the Autism Spectrum. The features will always be family friendly, and will be rated either G or PG.

"We realize that bringing children with autism to the theater can be quite a challenge. Each child reacts differently to the normal conditions of the theater, darkened theaters, and loud sound systems. These shows are shown at a light and sound level which will be more inviting for these families. We also realize that the normal standards of theater etiquette of “please sit and be quiet” can also be challenging."

During the viewing, the lighting in the theatre will be left on high, the sound will be turned down, and our patrons are free to talk, sing, or move around the theater during the show. The purpose of Sensory Sensitive Cinema is to control the environment and provide an atmosphere where the children will feel comfortable and the parents will not have to worry about the noise their kids are making.

Movie admission is $7.50 for adults and $7.25 for children. Families with children with strict dietary concerns, are encouraged to bring in your own snacks that are gluten-free or casein-free. Call the theatre at 734-973-4823 for information of which movie is playing.

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