November 22, 2011

Win Fabric Gift Bags from The Eventual Farmer

Recently I was given items from The Eventual Farmer to review and blog about - I have to say, the products are wonderful, easy to clean and very useful. I had actually seen them being used by several of the children in my son's class during lunch noticing how popular they are.

Would you like to win something to gift or keep?

Keri Middaugh, a work-from-home mom and owner of The Eventual Farmer makes snack packs, sandwich wraps, fabric gift bags, and homemade laundry soap among other creative items. Wherever possible, she uses reclaimed, re-purposed, or recyclable materials to create these simple, yet unique items.

I had a chance to chat with Keri recently and found that her philosophy is very similar to mine. As a small-business, she considers what she does as an extension of her hobby by 'using what she has' instead of relying on running out to the store. She's trying to teach her family to turn away from consuming and back to a state of producing what they need.

"When my daughter started bringing a lunch to school last year, I noticed how much trash was being produced just by one child's one meal." Said Keri, "Trying to find a way to make lunches trash-free, I needed a reusable Ziploc bag option. This also coincided with trying to reduce my family's trash and recycling."

She came across an idea of a reusable baggie and decided to try lining it with cereal bag liners that she was throwing away, and that was the birth of the Sandwich Wrap. The Snack Pack came along a few months later, when she had trouble making the cut fruit and veggies stay nicely in the Sandwich Wrap.

You can find The Eventual Farmer items available locally year-round at the Ypsilanti Food Co-op (312 North River St., Ypsilanti) or seasonally at the Ypsilanti Farmers Market. Additionally, items will be offered for sale at the Lunasa Holiday Open House on Tuesday, December 6, as well as the Mix Marketplace on Wednesday, December 14, and by ordering through The Eventual Farmer Facebook Page. Items generally cost less than $10 and make excellent holiday gift ideas when considering buying local and sustainably!

In honor of the holidays, The Eventual Farmer is offering one Ann Arbor Mom reader to win a set of 3 Fabric Gift Bags. Wrap your gifts in style in re-purposed cloth, to give a little 'green' flair to gift-giving. In fact, the Fabric Gift Bags are so charming, they could be the gift!

To win, be sure to comment below or on the Ann Arbor Mom Facebook Page on "Why you are on the nice list and deserve to win!" A random winner will be drawn from all entries received before midnight on December 6.

*Photos courtesy of The Eventual Farmer


  1. Hmmm - I am on the nice list because I try to "go green" whenever I can. I have tried out a couple of the reuseable bags and I LOVE them!! I would love a few more for packing lunches for my 4th grader!

  2. I'm on the nice list because I try to always think of others and I think these bags are really cool. I would love to use them for my daughters lunch because I HATE always using plastic bags.

  3. What a great idea! I'm on the nice list because I have 3 girls who will be making less trash in their daily school lunch.

  4. I am on the nice list because I've been very good all year.

  5. I'm on the nice list, because I'm a good mom who is alwasy searching "" for fun things for my three girls to do!

  6. I should be on the nice list because I am multitasker hommemaker !

  7. Congratulations Jill Kynaston - You've won the gift bags. Please contact me with your address so I can get them to you!