January 31, 2012

Winter Break Camps in Ann Arbor: 2012

Find many great mid-winter break camps for Ann Arbor families.
Many of the area schools have days off or the entire week off school in mid-February (Feb. 18-26). D0 you already have plans for your kids when there is no school? Have you found winter break camps or events to keep the kids busy? Here are some fun events for the kids during midwinter break.

Creativity Camp at the Ann Arbor Art Center allows kids ages 5-12 to spend a week exploring the world of patterns, people and places. Learn to paint, draw, sculpt and learn about the decorative arts and cultures of the world. There will be a field trip to visit Ann Arbor galleries or a museum and each day will include 30 minutes of kids yoga and stretching. At the end of the camp, the children will hold an exhibition and reception for their families.

Want to play some hoops or learn about astronomy? Camps at the Ann Arbor Community Education & Recreation are geared for kids in grades 1-6. Or play soccer during a midwinter break camp at the World Wide Sports Center or play soccer or basketball at High Velocity Sports in Canton . Kids can participate in half or full day camp programs during break.

For the nature lover, kids can head to the winter break camps at the Leslie Science and Nature Center. School break camps there are for kids in grades K-5 and allow kids to explore the forest, fields, and trails or sled down the snowy slopes.

For families that don't need all-day camps but are still looking for something to do that week, check out the blog tomorrow for many great free and low-cost activities happening during Ann Arbor winter break!

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